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Is your relationship manager supporting your business effectivley? Speak with business and commercial lending experts today.

Business Finance can be used for business acquisitions, working capital, short-term funding, long-term funding, debtor finance and much more. These loans can be secured by residential or commercial real estate, with some industries able to leverage their profitability or balance sheet to borrow funds on an 'unsecured' basis, commonly referred to as a 'cash-flow lend'. 

We tell clients that it's not the colour of the bank that determines credit outcomes, but rather the quality of the information and discussion paper you submit to the RIGHT BANKER at the RIGHT BANK, then holding the RIGHT CONVERSATIONS that safeguards credit outcomes. We use our extensive network to ensure we align ourselves with active proficient bankers to ensure we get the best terms.

Ensuring you have a finance broker who understands your business and your short, medium and long-term needs will allow continuity in your bank relationships even if your banker moves on.


Key benefits of using Evoke:


  • Advice from award-winning mortgage and finance brokers with over 25+ years experience
  • Access to 60+ bank, non-bank and private lenders with the best interest rates in the market
  • Peace of mind that you are always getting the best deal with 6-monthly interest rate reviews and annual strategy sessions
  • Access to your own personal finance broker for the life of your loan


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Disclaimer: Subject to the lender's terms & conditions and credit approval criteria. Please ensure you seek your own personal legal and taxation advice for your situation.

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