Construction Loans


Building a new home or investment property? Make sure you're working with the best in market...

Construction loans are used by those building new homes or undergoing structural renovations. Construction loans differ from home or commercial loans in that a portion of your loan funds are released at each stage of the construction journey (this is called a progress payment), as opposed to being received in one lump sum.

Knowing your limits before beginning the construction process is crucial. This is so you can adequately plan your construction in full, because you cannot access equity from your loan until your house is complete.

Additionally, building contracts for constructions are often 'Fixed Price', however in recent times more builders are only issuing 'Cost Plus' contracts, which are not accepted by all banks.


Key benefits of using Evoke:


  • Advice from award-winning mortgage and finance brokers with over 25+ years experience
  • Access to rapid debt reduction strategies to help you own your home sooner, saving you hundreds of thousands over the life of your loan
  • Guidance and advice throughout the constuction process from borrowing capacity, building contract requirements, borrowing processes and council requirements
  • Access to 60+ lenders and the best interest rates in the market at no cost to you
  • Peace of mind that you are always getting the best deal with 6-monthly interest rate reviews and annual strategy sessions
  • Access to your own personal finance broker for the life of your loan


We can help you determine how much you can borrow and which banks are right for you so that you can begin planning for the future.

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Disclaimer: Subject to the lender's terms & conditions and credit approval criteria. Please ensure you seek your own personal legal and taxation advice for your situation.