Investment Loans

Buying your first investment property or a seasoned investor? As property investors ourselves, we take pride in providing tried and tested solutions...

Property investment is a great way to use leverage (loans) to acquire assets (property) that grow and compound over time. The aim of the game for most investors is to amass a portfolio, strategically pay down debt over time, while minimising holding costs and maximising capital gains and cashflow.

There are many ways to tackle investing, but the right way is the way that suits your situation and risk tolerance. What we do for our clients is sit down and find out where they are and where they would like to be, then build a path to get there strategically.

As investors ourselves who have built multi-state portfolios, we use our own experience to help guide our clients.


Key benefits of using Evoke:


  • Advice from award-winning mortgage and finance brokers with over 25+ years experience
  • Access to rapid debt reduction strategies to help you own your investments sooner and improve your yields
  • Guidance and advice on debt structuring, equity access, repayment types and capacity for future investment
  • Access to 60+ lenders and the best interest rates in the market at no cost to you
  • Peace of mind that you are always getting the best deal with 6-monthly interest rate reviews and annual strategy sessions
  • Access to your own personal finance broker for the life of your loan


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Disclaimer: Subject to the lender's terms & conditions and credit approval criteria. Please ensure you seek your own personal legal and taxation advice for your situation.



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