Strategic Refinancing

Thinking about Refinancing? Don't make the mistake of not having a plan...


Refinancing can be a great way to save money and pay off your loan sooner, however it is not just about your interest rate. Your personal circumstances and financial plans for the future play a key role in how you should refinance, and to do it right, you need the right advice.

With bank competition at an all-time high, it pays to work with a proactive broker who is looking out for your best interest. Banks often offer new customers better rates than existing customers, and we call this the 'bank loyalty tax'. Our role is to ensure that this does not creep into your facilities over the life of your loan.

We do this by sitting down with our clients to discuss their plans today, but more importantly their plans for tomorrow. We do this to ensure that the we structure your loan facilities correctly with the right strategy and then align you with the right lending partner for you. 


Key benefits of using Evoke:


  • Advice from award-winning mortgage and finance brokers with over 25+ years experience
  • Access to rapid debt reduction strategies to help you own your home sooner, saving you hundreds of thousands over the life of your loan
  • Guidance and advice on debt structuring, debt consolidation, equity access, repayment types and capacity for future investment
  • Access to 60+ lenders and the best interest rates in the market at no cost to you

  • Peace of mind that you are always getting the best deal with 6-monthly interest rate reviews and annual strategy sessions
  • Access to your own personal finance broker for the life of your loan


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Disclaimer: Subject to the lender's terms & conditions and credit approval criteria. Please ensure you seek your own personal legal and taxation advice for your situation.

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